About us

Committed to ensuring that as many people as possible get access to affordable logbook loans, Leisure Loans continues to lead by example and has over the years scaled the ladders to become one of the most respected UK logbook loan lenders. We hold the belief that each and every UK citizen is entitled to a loan irrespective of the status of their credit score. We have over the years remained steadfast and true to our ideals, beliefs, mission as well as vision statements as regards logbook loans. We endeavor to not only help majority of UK citizens with a poor credit score get approved for a logbook loan but also take it upon ourselves to educate and enlighten them on money matters so that they make an informed decision.

We can proudly say that we have over the years walked the talk and in that regard have been able to assist thousands of citizens in the UK get approved for a logbook loan. We simply do not care how bad your credit score is, whether you have a history of defaults, a history of CCJ or if you have been blacklisted. As long as you meet the basic requirements for logbook loan application, you can be rest assured that Leisure Loans has got you covered.

We boast of a professional customer personnel with vast experience in matters finance, logbook loans as well as credit rating. As such, if you feel that you have scanty information on logbook loans, our customer personnel are always at hand to enlighten you and ensure that the decision you make in the long run is in your best interest.